R. Todd Ehle, Violin Teacher
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"Todd Ehle, who I once knew as ProfessorV, was a key part of my early years as a student. I watched his videos over and over... and over. He taught me how to tackle so many of my technical struggles!'
Nathan Meltzer, Internation Concert Artist

The Strad Magazine, September, 2008



 "I have found Todd's videos most valuable in my own teaching - clear, concise demonstrations and explanations.  Bravo!"  Roy Sonne, violinist, Pittsburgh Symphony (retired)

"Excellent! We cellists use the same technique. Beautifully explained." Lynn Harrell, International Recording artist/Concert Cellist (regarding Todd's Tone Production Video #1).

"My very big compliments. Well explained."  Klaus Lieb, Concertmaster, Nuremberg (Germany) Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Violin, Wurzberg University of Music 

"Continental Airlines is constantly upgrading our audio entertainment to best reflect our customer's modern, sophisticated, multicultural tastes.  One clear winner was music by duChateau and Ehle which, being fresh yet traditional, will appeal to a wide range of flyers.  We are so enthusiastic that we're creating a special program to showcase the duo on Continental Airlines flights worldwide."                 Todd Beck, Manager of product development, Continental Airlines

  "Also a good thing is the new CD by the duChateau-Ehle Duo, out of Ft. Collins (CO).  Relations is chamber music of an especially ambitious stripe, with one piece, "Petroglyphic Sonata," dedicated to John Cage, and another, "The Living Reed," inspired by a story from the canon of Pearl Buck.  No matter the stylistic approach, the playing of cellist Charles duChteau and violinist R. Todd Ehle is irreproachable."  The Denver Westword

Todd, with the Czech Radio Orchestra, Prague